Stunning Quartz Backsplash Kitchen Ideas 09
Stunning Quartz Backsplash Kitchen Ideas 09

48 Stunning Quartz Backsplash Kitchen Ideas

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Quartz counter tops are increasing in popularity, along with granite, as the go-to materials for exemplary resilience, timelessness, style, and absolute “ih wow factor”. Upping the ante beyond a lovely countertop manufactured from natural materials is the increasing reputation of installing quartz as a kitchen backsplash. Marble is definitely the backsplash of preference, but will come in a limited collection of colors and since it is porous, it is a lot more vunerable to staining.

So far as marble’s toughness, it simply will not compare to quartz. Marble has a minimal abrasion rating and for that reason can be scratched very easily, and because of its chemical make-up it’s very susceptible to destruction from acidic alternatives. Quartz’s longevity, stain level of resistance, and antibacterial properties (being non-porous) are just what you want in your kitchen to capture all water, food, and drink, since it’s very easy to clean.

Talking about looks, quartz will come in an amazing selection of color and routine options, with new choices coming out yearly from manufacturers like Caesarstone, Silestone, and Hanstone. Your options to color match your kitchen as well as your existing quartz or granite counter tops are great. Having quartz as a significant feature in your kitchen appears outstanding, and much more so when next to a quartz counter top.

Quartz is usually slice as a good slab to order, with the sizes tailor made to your design. Marble on the other palm, is usually trim into tiles and sometimes inlaid with other materials such as metallic or glass, to make a mosaic. This implies grout, and grout is merely another place for spots to accumulate, bacterias to increase, and maintenance to be achieved. Having a good slab of quartz eliminates all this, making cleaning a cinch, lowering maintenance costs, and can withstand far more punishment.

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