Author: Cathrine Wilson

32 Popular Bathroom Cabinets Ideas

Before bathroom cabinets or medication cabinets were conditions used to make reference to an ordinary white box which were usually installed above the sinks in bath rooms. A small pantry so that you can store your soaps, teeth paste, tooth clean, beauty products, shaving razors, shaving ointments and some medications. Those were the times when

30 The Best Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Nothing could become more relaxing when compared to a lazy time put in in your bathrooms which exudes that country feel of ease and leisure. In positioning key accents in your bathrooms, keep in head that the colour design should be faithful to the rural picture most of us are thinking about. Subdued shades such

30 Popular And Creative Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

Planning for a kitchen reconstruction or remodel will involve many decisions and alternatives. Together the options define the design of your kitchen. Among the most frequent difficulties homeowners face is to learn choosing between kitchen case colors. Some cupboard colors are mostly associated with particular design styles. The solid wood you select for your cupboards